Music Mondays | Donnie Trumpet and the Social Experiement


Blurred genres. Just all vibes and feels. Sounds of trumpets, good base lines and melodies.  I have been really drawn to music lately that is innovative.  Innovative in the ways that artist innovate. Music that turns life into a technicolor dream that dances in front of you and makes you low-key shrug your shoulders while waiting for the metro train to arrive on your morning commute. Music that brings positive energy and vibes to get you through your day.

Music is life. My connection to life is often mirrored by music. So this must be the stage I am in trying to find the beauty in life through the only way I can – through my eyes – through my heart and soul and through the experiences afforded to me because I am alive.

Donnie Trumpet and the Social Experiment debuted with the album Surf last year. According to a music review done by the A.V. Club, The Social Experiment is a collective of musicians and producers versed in jazz and hip-hop; Donnie Trumpet is the alias of Nico Segal, whose horn is frequently a lead instrument; and Chance The Rapper, while prominently featured, is one of more than a dozen singers and rappers who come and go as any given track demands. From what I have read folks like Migos, B.J. the Chicago Kid, Janelle Monae, B.O.B and more have been featured but we don’t know where or on what track because the album was released for free without features mentioned.

I have been listening to this album for a solid three months and really like the sounds. I have mixed some of the tracks from the album into my regular playlists.

The first song that really caught me was “Sunday Candy” an ode to making love on Sundays.  A romantic, wistful neo-soul almost gospel song that invites us to the church of love making in a very slow and necessary way. Tracks like “Nothing Came to Mind”, “Familiar” and “Wanna be Cool” round out this album in a very eclectic way. This is not a hip hop album even though Chance the Rapper lends his vocals to each track minus nothing came to mind cause as the song title indicates – doesn’t seem like words were adequate for this track.

Check it out if you have not already. This is something I will be bumpin’ into Summer 2016. Sometimes you can extend that new album feel especially for the rooftop celebrations and bbqs.



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