Music Mondays | Raury


Raury [pronounced Rory] is being considered a music prodigy of the next generation. At only 19 years old, he has fused together an interesting and eclectic sound. With supporters like Kanye West, Tom Morello and Big K.R.I.T it is easy to see the wide range of sounds that this young musician has managed to create.

I ran into his music through a random playlist on Spotify named “Happy :)”. One of my secrets to finding new music that I scan playlists on Spotify. If I find a new song I like from a new artist I will go to that artists’ page to see what else they got. Thus far, this method has been fruitful.

The first song I heard by Raury was Friends ft. Tom Morello. Rage Against the Machine was a favorite of mine through my angsty teenage years especially as I transitioned into building my political consciousness at the age of 18 and 19. So to see Tom Morello featured on this track by an artist unknown to me intrigued me.

“All We Need” is the latest album by Raury – it debuted this past October. I am still re-listening to his music and learning to train my ear to his sound. Instinctively, I feel as though Raury’s hippy, electronic, hip hop vibe is a perfect sound match to my personality. I feel very connected to this new sound. It is unlike anything I have heard before , okay, it may exude traces of Kanye, Pharrell and a little Kid Cudi. Artists who usually throw caution to the wind when it comes to their music because for them creativity is king. These artist ignore the “typical” rules of hip hop.

Building upon different sounds, the folksy hip hop rhythms, I encounter with every listen inspires me  to create. This maybe the new wave of music that we hear on the radio. But, what is even more inspiring is the message that is being expelled out of my headphones. From statements about the environment, to black bodies being murdered, to the political climate we are living in, Raury points out the social inequities experienced by young black men in contrast to a whimsical melody.

My favorite tracks on “All We Need” include Peace Prevail, Crystal Express, and Trap Tears. More about Raury in this feature in Paper Magazine. You can listen on Spotify or here’s a sample from YouTube, enjoy!


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