Music Mondays| Las Cafeteras “Mujer Soy”

In honor of Womyn’s HerStory Month, today’s music Monday features the East LA band Las Cafeteras. Las Cafeteras formed in 2008 with the purpose of documenting the histories of their neighborhoods through music. They understood the importance of oral history and wanted to continue the historic culture of storytelling. They started as students of the Eastside Café, a Zapatista inspired community space in East LA where they brought the influences of culture, storytelling and poetic music of Son Jarocho, a traditional music style from Veracruz, Mexico. Their progressive mission translates into their music and they seek to honor women and challenge masculine language, by feminizing the name of their group name by calling themselves, Las Cafeteras, rather than Los Cafeteros.In that same vein, Mujer Soy is a song that honors the life and struggles of everyday womyn.

This video captures the everyday life of Maryann Aguirre, a fierce woman of color from the Eastside of Los Angeles. The video follows her as she faces the daily challenges of work, single motherhood, & the pressure of being a leader in her community. However, she faces those obstacles with hope, patience & dignity.

Also, featured in this video is the organizing power of the Ovarian Psycho-Cycles an all womyn’s bicycle collective from the Eastside of LA.

You can download this song by clicking here.


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