Divide and Conquer

“I am not ashamed to say… I agree with you!”

“Frankly, I don’t know why these wetbacks come to our country and get everything.”

“My daughter… you know… we can’t even afford braces for my daughter but those wetbacks come here and get everything.” 

“I am tired of paying taxes and paying for these illegals…”

“I am fourth generation Mexican – American, my brother fought in Vietnam, my father in Korea. We are American… this is OUR country…”


Brown skinned children of the sun don’t you see?

Don’t you see how they have tried to divide and conquer

Nationalism has creeped into your hearts and you have forgotten your brother, your sister and the mother that birthed you. 

You have forgotten tu pais –  no, no forget tu pais

We don’t want to give the borders – the distance anymore credit .

We don’t want to remind you again of the differences.

They are the other – the wetback 

…and you, you are American

And you my brown skinned paisano are the generational Americano who has shed the past and forgotten the blood that flows through your veins.

You have forgotten the struggles of the past.

You forgot that you too come from the earth, the dirt, the sun, el maiz

where did your color come from?


But don’t you see what they have done?

They have conquered you!

Maybe we should blame our schizophrenic mestizaje identities for wanting to belong.

Forget the Chicano Aztlan bullshit of the 60s

For I am now American I have made it. 

         ”I am a manager”   

                          “A business owner”

                                                             … I am the American dream.


-inspired by actual events and observations of my own people 4th generation chicanos like me. 


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