Music Diaries with Gael Garcia Bernal

Gael Garcia Bernal in Motorcycle Diaries

Can Gael Garcia Bernal get any hotter? I didn’t think so. Until today.

Its not just his chiseled features, full lips, and mysterious eyes that has me so fascinated with this Mexican celebrity. It’s the way he carries himself and his consciousness.

He has an eye for art and a way of politicizing films by sneaking a message in them. From movies like, the obvious, Motorcycle Diaries to Amores Perros, Even the Rain and Babel. He always has something deep and meaningful to say. He pushes the envelope. Like the gay sex scene he filmed with his best friend Diego Luna in Y Tu Mama Tambien?

Tonite, NPR featured Gael Garcia as their Guest DJ on the show ALT. Latino. He was great and can I just say he is effortlessly cool! Check out this show here in english or en español! And note that sexy laugh….Guau! To top if off he ended the segment with a song by Gilberto Gil !

Thank you to my friend Sufia for sharing! These mellow sounds completed my night.


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