new blog, first post.

I have always wanted a blog. I have always had some sort of connection to writing and literature. More recently social media sites, social networking, and blogging. I have recently realized that I love to communicate (even if I don’t always do it effectively).

After recently deleting my tumblr I thought it was time to actually blog. Not repost pictures and other people opinions but actually write. My goal is to write at least four posts a week (same as my workout goal). This should be easy considering I am unemployed. I need and want to hone my writing and creativity skills.

Last night I visited an event at the Museum of Contemporary Art in Downtown LA hosted by Zocalo Public Square. The event was titled “LA vs SF: Who Runs California?” I went because I wanted to meet their managing director in hopes for a peek into the organization and as research on future places of employment. Yet, I was sort of majorly disappointed. For an organization that boasts about its diversity and forward thinking, listening to a panel of  old white folks talk about public policy was frankly boring and didn’t seem to fit the mission.

Now, for me this was strange because if you want your audience to be 20-30 somethings that are young professionals of color then why not have a more diverse panel at a friendlier venue. There was a wine and beer reception afterward which, was an interesting mix of schmoozers. I stood against a wall watching while older white hippies, retirees, business owners, concerned citizens, and a handle full of younger professionals (some of color) drank their free wine while listening to Ozomatli playing in the background.What also was strange was that all of the staff seemed to be young women of color – no one over 28.

I thought this is really weird. While sitting in the event I thought “What is this organization about and why would I want to work here?”

After the event I found the managing director introduced myself and tried to appear calm, collected and knowledgeable. This 25 year old dark skinned brown girl professionally dressed sweetly gave me her time and suggested I come into the office to meet the rest of the staff. She asked if I was looking for an internship and said she could offer me one if I was interested and to keep in-touch. The only way  I was able to merit this meeting was through a friend who knew her. Looking for jobs and networking is so stressful!

I left feeling okay but still confused about the event I attended and the mission of this organization. The juxtaposition of “intellectualism” and the population these “dialogs” were trying to appeal to was confusing for me – because it wasn’t what it boasted. In an email exchange with a friend of mine (the friend that got me this meeting) told me he was surprised I was interested in working for this organization and shared similar observations.

But alas, I feel as though even with a masters degree I am still at the bottom of the tottum pole and need all the connections and networks that come my way. On the bright side I have an interview with MACY’S (yep the department store!) next week.

Wish me luck.


2 thoughts on “new blog, first post.

  1. patricia says:

    thank you for this blog cheye-ann. the emptiness and disorientation you describe are things i can so relate to. please keep listening to your experiences and sharing them. it helps to keep things real 🙂 ❤

  2. alma says:

    Thanks for starting this blog – Unfortunately I too have been there @ a Zocalo lecture and felt the same way. As a matter of fact in most event lectures I always find myself to be the youngest among all attendees :-/ and most of the time the only color person. Why is this the case? I don’t know just yet. What makes me more confuse is that diversity is thrown from left to right but i still don’t see it. Could it be maybe not everyone is getting the invitations/memo? As for your job hunting good-luck ! -Keep writing!

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